World Weekend of Prayer - Child-friendly communities, 7-8 June 2014
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The World Weekend of Prayer for children at risk is held every year over the first weekend of June. This global initiative brings together hundreds of thousands of adults and children across more than 40 countries. Whether you attend a nationwide event, plan something with your church, go to a prayer breakfast, or spend a quiet few minutes praying in your own home, we would love you to stand with us in interceding for the children of the world.


Imagine a child – surrounded by a loving family, kept safe by society, cared for by the clinic, educated by the school, integrated into the local church and fulfilling their God-given potential in every way. It’s a vision of the future we all hope and pray for.

Will you join with us? Child-friendly communities is our focus for the 2014 World Weekend of Prayer campaign. And you can be a part of it.

Download WWP 2014 resources on the right  - and there are more to follow before the event.

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