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Why we work


We all know that education is vital for a chance at a good future, but how can we make sure that every child gets that chance? Children should have the opportunity to go to school regardless of gender, ability or background, yet all over the world those very things are causing children to miss out on an education.

So what can we do?

Projects in the city-wide network in Harare, Zimbabwe, have come together to make sure children who have missed out on education can catch up to others their age in key subjects.

Very few schools can cope with the large disparity of abilities the inclusion of these children brings, yet together they have provided a space for them to learn at their own pace.

Networks in India are engaged in local and national-level advocacy for the education of girls, meaning that rather than one lone voice there are almost 80 projects and churches across the country involved in speaking out against gender discrimination.

We want all children to be able to at least finish primary school, and hopefully secondary school too, giving them the best possible chance at a secure future. We hope to see that become a reality as people and projects work together in partnership.

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