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Bolivia floods: please pray

Please spare a prayer for parts of northern and central Bolivia, where floods have so far killed 29 people and affected 35,000 families. A national state of emergency was declared by the government...

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Our prayer for Uganda

Earlier this month, a group of six women from two churches in Wonersh in south east England had the opportunity to visit our partner network CRANE in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, as part of the...

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Prayer: a firm foundation

“Prayer is as natural an expression of faith as breathing is of life.” Wise words from the 18th century theologian Jonathan Edwards, which a Viva partner network in Cambodia is powerfully promoting...

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World Weekend of Prayer - for children at risk | Will you be a WWoPer?
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This little piggy went to market –...


How the purchase of one piglet in a Cambodian village is breaking the poverty cycle for a whole community – giving vulnerable children a more stable...


Inside Viva: A gem amongst the rags


Last summer, my husband Steve and I made the move with Viva from the UK to India. Our home is now Delhi: a city of 22 million people and the second most...


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