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Involve Your Church

Viva’s life-giving networks of local churches and community organisations help hundreds of thousands of children each year. The result is a powerful outworking of God’s transforming love, impacting individuals, families, churches and entire communities.

Whether you lead a church, mission group or children’s ministry, you can help your church be a part of this exciting work.

Life for children

By becoming a Viva Church Partner you can be part of this bigger picture - one that seeks to change the landscape for children at risk through prayer and collective action. Click here to read more about the five network locations from which your church can choose to partner with.


“I am in no doubt that God’s Kingdom comes when we join together in our efforts to protect children. The work of Viva is visionary, strategic and essential. I pray that your church will get involved; involve your children, involve your leaders, involve your community!”

Rev Stephen Gaukroger, patron of Viva - pictured here with church leaders in Nepal



Life for your church

lnspire your church and wider community, and benefit from a range of resources and support. We commit to providing creative children’s ideas, inspirational reports, prayer resources, practical activities and visiting speakers.

Starting your journey

1  Prayerfully choose a Viva Church Partner location
Read the Network Profiles here and download our resources here, which include creative ideas for involving your children and young people in the decision.

2  Contact the Viva churches team
Join up by filling out the application form and return it to us. If you have any questions or would like to book a speaker, please call us on +1 206 382 0790 and we would love to help.


LINK your church with a Viva partner network to begin the journey.

INSPIRE your congregation with moving stories of how God has changed the lives of children and of those who care for them.

FOCUS your prayers and financial gifts to support your chosen network.

EQUIP your church and join with other groups to reach children and vulnerable families in your local community more effectively.


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