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Working with vulnerable children is demanding, and even more so if you lack training and support.

Nepali Pastor Victor explains, “I have always felt called to work with children but it was only hard work to me, there was no joy. But now, following this training, I feel a joy to work with children”.

The training he is referring to has been developed by Viva in response to the urgent need for professional skills and tools to ensure those working with children can give the best possible care and avoid burn-out themselves.

Viva’s partner networks provide this specialised, practical and collaborative training in areas including how to care for children with HIV and AIDS, child protection and self-care.

In some cultures it is normal to use physical means to discipline challenging behaviour. Through Viva’s training people learn much better ways to engage and describe with feeling the difference this makes to their relationships with the children in their care.

Last year caregivers and projects working with almost 63,000 vulnerable children were equipped by Viva’s training. Your gift will help us provide this lifeline of training to even more caregivers.

Supporter promise: 90 per cent of your gift will go to support Viva’s work in equipping caregivers across the world, and 10 per cent to support our wider work.

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