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Map: Asia

Theme: StandOut

Region: Asia

1.2 million children are lured in to the sex trade each year.

Lack of education combined with poverty, caste and gender discrimination means that children in Asia are prime targets for abuse and sex traffickers. Girls in particular are at significant risk of sexual abuse, exploitation and being trafficked to the big cities.

Viva’s StandOut campaign and partner networks are mobilising young people, churches and whole communities to protect children from this harsh reality.

Anti-trafficking advocacy, life skills development and young leaders’ conferences are empowering the younger generation to ‘Stand Out’ against trafficking. Training workshops are envisioning pastors, teachers and parents, changing their attitudes to the value and protection of children.

The impact and success of collective action in combatting issues of exploitation was particularly evident when 39 churches in Viva’s partner networks in Cambodia united to hold an International Child's Day, campaigning for children's rights.

Viva longs to see children safe from lives of abuse, exploitation and fear. Your gift will enable our partner networks to educate children, empower adults and inspire churches to ensure that children are valued and protected from sexual violence.

Supporter promise: 90 per cent of your gift will go to support Viva’s StandOut campaign in Asia, and 10 per cent to support our wider work across the world.

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